Practising kei te pēhea koe? with terms of address.

press play button to begin

press play button to begin



For each exercise you have the option of listening to the audio only version of the exercise or of listening and watching a video podcast which has the visuals from the textbook, or additional illustrations, as well as the audio. If you choose the audio option you will need to have your textbook open at the appropriate page of your textbook in order to respond to many of the exercises.

All podcasts can be downloaded to your computer and then loaded onto portable media devices such as an mp3 player, video iPod, iPhone or 3G phone.

Additional information

If you download the podcasts, by attaching a microphone to your computer, mp3 player, television or iPod, you will be able to record your responses. As a beginner learner, you should listen to the exercises you have done to compare your responses with the native speakers’ models. In this way, you may be able to improve your pronunciation, stress and intonation. If you are using these exercises as part of a Māori language course your teacher may require you to submit your responses in order to provide feedback to assist your progress in learning the language.

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